The building society difference

The Cambridge is an independent, mutual society which has been integral to the community since 1850. We provide funding for people buying their own homes and are a trusted home for people in a position to save.

Take a moment to hear where we started, why we do what we do and what success looks like at The Cambridge.

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We’ll stand proudly together as a member-owned mutual, supporting the community that builds our Society. With local hearts and life-changing ideas, we’ll make a difference today and for the generations that follow



We’ll make our expertise count for every customer, with clear advice and a simple approach. The knowledge of our teams can mean everything to our members, so we’ll keep investing in our people to inspire their growth



We’ll be here whenever we’re needed; listening, learning, adapting, and innovating. We’ll be healthily restless and always open to change, ready to evolve in tune with our members and the world around us



We’re bold enough to do things differently and brave enough to break new ground. Together we’ll learn from every experience, embrace every opportunity, and we’ll face every challenge with confidence and pride



With honest advice and sincere intentions, we promise fairness and balance in everything we do. We'll stay true to our word and loyal to our members, keeping their best interests at the heart of our approach

Our Values in reality


Sponsored by Peter Burrows, Chief Executive Officer.

Courage is our latest value. In part it reflects how the Cambridge has grown to be the successful and well-regarded organisation it is today. The Cambridge has a lot to be confident about, and under my leadership I will continue to encourage team members to make bold moves towards our thriving independent mutual vision.


Embodied by Vaughan Potter


It takes courage to suggest a whacky idea, especially when you’re a relatively new starter in an organisation.


But that didn’t stop Vaughan creating a quiz as a new and fun way to help team members to learn and retain information about our products and processes and the history of the Society.


He is team leader of our Ely and Newmarket branches and quickly identified a way to bring the whole branch network together to share knowledge and learning, through Vaughan’s Big Quiz.


He trialled his idea in Newmarket first and it was so well received that the entire network wanted to pit their wits against their colleagues. It’s held virtually via video, with each team choosing a name to answer questions on a broad range of topics, from mortgage products and rates, to member ID questions and even some fun general knowledge.


Sponsored by Carole Charter, Chief Commercial Officer.

We’re not just in it for ourselves, but to make a difference to people’s lives. Our local hearts and life-changing ideas have resulted in initiatives that truly make a difference to people in the communities in which our team members live and work. We’re all incredibly proud to be a pillar of support in our communities and to have had our efforts recognised with a few awards too!


Embodied by Paul Crossley


Many of our team show community spirit by donating their time to help local charities that in turn support our local community. Among them is Paul Crossley, a Technical Solutions Engineer in our IT team. He showed real community spirit when he came up with the design concept to enable an inexperienced team of DIYers to turn a donation of wooden pallets into some much-needed garden furniture for the local homeless charity, YMCA Trinity Group.


He created the designs to repurpose the pallets into three coffee tables and six two-seater benches that could then be painted to create eye-catching furniture to give residents the means to sit out in the fresh air and enjoy some relaxation time.


Our people worked together in teams of five, with people sanding, finishing and painting the furniture to protect it and make it fit for purpose. The end result was outdoor furniture that was safe and comfortable, as well as attractive and that made a difference to people’s lives.


Sponsored by Lucy Crumplin, Chief Operating Officer.

Investing in the knowledge and skills of our team is good for our customers and our people. We’re proud to have the best people in our team and we support their ongoing development with professional training. We admire our people’s can-do attitude and how they use their expertise to keep helping our members.


Embodied by Evie Clarke


Evie Clarke is a customer adviser at our Central store in Cambridge, where she devotes her time to helping customer with their mortgage and savings needs.


Evie has her customers’ interests at heart, and shows expertise by always considering what is best for them, even if this results in additional work for her.


For instance, when a customer’s product reaches maturity, there is a 30 day window to reinvest in something else. But whenever we introduce a new product that she feels would be more beneficial to them she takes it upon herself to contact them to offer the alternative, if it’s right for them. Evie is up to the minute with what we’re doing, and how that can benefit individual customers.


Sponsored by Richard Brockbank, Chief Financial Officer. 

We listen, learn, adapt and innovate, to ensure we remain relevant in a constantly-changing world. Our old hand-written ledgers may have been relegated to the historical archives, but our desire to be here to provide homes and housing for people has ensured we are as relevant today as we were 170 years ago. Our processes have evolved with the changing needs of our customers, our people and the world around us, we remain relevant by doing the right thing in the right way.


Embodied by Om Jain


Om Jain is a Prudential Risk Analyst who rises to the challenge and is known for displaying a ‘can do’ attitude, which has been crucial while building a new affordability model.


He used innovative techniques to design these tools and models so we are up-to-date with, or even ahead of the industry standards, using automated processes to make our lives simpler.


He showed great adaptability and agility in being able to plug various gaps in the model and is consistently available if team members have questions, queries or require any amendments to it.


He is recognised for the work that he has carried out for the project and ensuring the relevance of our processes and that we can remain relevant ourselves as an organisation.


Sponsored by John Spence, Chairman.

You can’t stay in business for 170 years without winning trust. Our customers know to expect honesty and sincerity and that we’ll stay true to our word. We set out to ensure people could access a home, and have a safe place for their savings and we continue to do that. So we’re happy to refer to partners who can offer what we can’t, like self-build mortgages, to be vigilant for vulnerable customers and to offer products designed to meet most but not every need.


Embodied by Natasha Ustamehmetoglu


Natasha Ustamehmetoglu is team leader in our Central store, who leads by example and is an inspiration to members of her team.


We had a customer at our Central store in Cambridge who was having some issues with her council tax. The council were trying to arrange a refund, following a family bereavement but had some issues transferring the payment.


The customer was getting upset because she felt like everything was very complicated and was close to giving up.


Natasha kindly offered to visit the council with the customer to help try to explain the process and put the customer’s mind at ease. This is a fantastic example of exceeding the customer's expectations. Natasha displayed real integrity and a great representation of what we do for our most vulnerable customers.

Reminiscing – The Cambridge Theatre

We've taken a moment to pause and given ourselves the opportunity to look back and reminisce about some of our proudest moments during the last few years, why don't you grab a cuppa and take a pew.