Making The Difference

The Cambridge is an organisation firmly committed to its community, finding solutions to help people have a home and providing a trusted place for those wanting to save. There are many ways we demonstrate this commitment, from the products we provide, to the services we offer and the day to day actions we all take for our members.

But with our roots and heritage firmly in Cambridge we regularly see the challenges faced by those in our local community who want to have their own home. We know we are in a unique position to be able to make a difference to many more people who couldn’t buy without our help and can work with groups in our neighbourhood who offer services for shelter and housing. Over time we’ll launch new initiatives and partnerships to deliver this aim. These will not be commercially focused and for us there will be little, if any, financial gain. The motivation is to purely help those who need it the most. Clearly the more successful we are in our business the more investment we can make into these initiatives. 

We’re proud of our Cambridge foundations and that we are still, nearly 170 years after we were established with the original purpose to ‘make every man his own landlord’, looking for innovative ways to benefit people who need that extra helping hand. 

It’s what we’re about. Making The Difference.


First Step Mortgage

Our First Step Mortgage has been designed with First Time Buyers in mind. More specifically as a solution for those who don’t earn a high salary or can’t rely on financial help from family for a deposit.

This innovative product requires a deposit of just 2% which is more manageable than trying to save a five-figure sum alongside paying rent or board.   

To demonstrate our commitment to helping those in our heartland the First Step Mortgage is only available on homes within a 15 mile radius of our branch network and applicants must already be a saver with The Cambridge.

We’ve made £5m available to lend which is expected to help around 20 First Time Buyers get that coveted first rung on the property ladder sooner than they expected.


Visit our First Step Mortgage page or call the team on 0345 601 3180 to find out more.