Keeping Secure

We take security seriously whether online or offline, if you notice any unusual account activity contact us immediately on 0345 601 3344.

Keeping you, your accounts and your personal information safe is our number one priority, but we need your help to keep you protected.


Keeping yourself safe

The basics

  • When you’re opening accounts online make sure you use an email address, mobile number and login information that is unique to you. It might feel easier to have the same information as other members of your family, however it’ll mean that hackers would potentially be able to get to all your family's information in one go
  • Always make sure you fully complete the logout process when you’ve finished managing your accounts
  • Avoid using a public computer when logging into your accounts and make sure you’re not overlooked
  • And last but not least if you believe there is any chance that somebody else knows your password you should change it immediately

Visit Get Safe Online for more information about ways to stay safe online.


Your devices

It’s difficult to know how to protect your devices – especially against something you can’t see or predict. There is software available that could help protect your devices against viruses or spyware. We’d recommend that you protect your device against both and make sure you keep the software up to date.

Which? regularly review the virus and spyware software packages available. Take a look at their website for some guidance on the ones they recommend.

Another way to help is to make the most of the software built in to your devices. Most devices will have a built-in firewall, a firewall helps to stop unwanted traffic between your device and the internet – where you already have this built in, just make sure it’s switched on. The browser your device uses can also help keep you safe, some will warn you about fake or untrustworthy websites, so just make sure this is up-to-date too.


Stay diligent!

Last but not least simply be aware. Criminals will try and trick you into letting them connect to your device or into telling them your passwords and bank details. Even if it sounds legitimate never give anyone access to your device, your passwords or bank details.


How we’re keeping you safe

Making sure you are you!

Whether you’re logging in online, speaking with us over the phone or popping into one of our branches, we will make sure you are you. Depending on how you’ve visited us we might ask for some of your personal details – rest assured we’re only asking to protect your accounts with us. Sometimes we might call you to confirm a request you’ve made if we think it sounds a little out of character – so it’s really important to make sure we have up to date contact details for you.


Secure sites and auto-logout

When you visit our websites you’ll see that the address is https:// - the ‘s’ is really important, it means you’re in a secure, encrypted location – you’ll also see the little padlock symbol too. We’ve also made sure that you’ll be logged out automatically if we don’t see you doing anything for a little while.


Contact from us

We’ll keep you up to date with information about The Cambridge and your accounts with us but we'll never send you an email with a link that directs you straight to any kind of login page – unless you’ve requested this.

If you’ve received an email and you’re unsure if it’s genuine you can forward it on to us at