Keeping Secure

We take security seriously whether online or offline, if you notice any unusual account activity contact us immediately on 0345 601 3344. If you’ve received an email and you’re unsure if it’s genuine you can forward it on to us at

Keeping yourself safe

Keeping you, your accounts and your personal information safe is our number one priority, that’s why we’ve put together some simple basics to help us to keep you protected.

When you’re opening accounts online make sure you use an email address, mobile number and login information that is unique to you. It might feel easier to have the same information as other members of your family, however it’ll mean that hackers would potentially be able to get to all your family's information in one go

It’s difficult to know how to protect your devices – especially against something you can’t see or predict. There is software available that could help protect your devices against viruses or spyware. We’d recommend that you protect your device against both and make sure you keep the software up to date

Whether you’re logging in online, speaking with us over the phone or popping into one of our branches or stores, we will make sure you are you. Depending on how you’ve visited us we might ask for some of your personal details – rest assured we’re only asking to protect your accounts with us

When you visit our websites you’ll see that the address is https:// - the ‘s’ is really important, it means you’re in a secure, encrypted location – you’ll also see the little padlock symbol too. We’ve also made sure that you’ll be logged out automatically if we don’t see you doing anything for a little while.

Take Five to Stop Fraud

Take Five is a national campaign designed to help protect you against financial fraud by offering straightforward help and impartial advice.

Always take some time to stop and think before you part with your private information. Always question if the request might be fake and try to stay calm. Always contact us immediately if you feel like you’ve fallen for a scam. We’ve listed below some important points to remember to protect your private information.

  • We’ll never contact you of the blue requesting to move your money from one account to another
  • Avoid clicking on links and attachments in unexpected emails and texts - we'll never send you an email with a link that directs you straight to any kind of login page unless you’ve specifically requested this
  • Help us to protect your personal information by questioning uninvited approaches
  • Be mindful of the people you share information with and don’t assume an email or phone call is authentic
  • Remember that you’re in control. Never be rushed into making a decision that involves parting with your private information

If you would like further advice on email, online, phone scams and how to protect your private information please head over to the Take Five website.