We help promote great community work

23 July 2021 • Community

For us, charity is all about people and homes, which is why we’re so proud to help an organisation recruit a role that helps local young people in Cambridge live independent lives.

Our donation to our local YMCA helps fund a number of essential activities, including specialist move on support. This support helps resettle young people into new homes and to move on with their lives and to help young people access employment, training and education.

“Our Making The Difference community projects are all about helping our local communities access appropriate homes and houses,” said our Community Engagement Specialist, Katie Robinson.

“We know how difficult it is for some young people to access employment, education and affordable, safe housing in Cambridge and recognise the great work the YMCA does in supporting them. We’re delighted to help fund these crucial roles in the work they do.”

Part of the move on worker’s role is to build relationships with private landlords and help combat some of the misconceptions they may have about young people claiming income benefits. It also helps young people understand the various move on options available to them.

The access to employment project supports young people like Karl (not his real name) who wanted to work part time in the local area. Our Access to Employment Worker, Dan, helped Karl find a local job. Karl struggled with anxiety but the role is in a small setting and this eased his concerns. Karl has now moved on to his own independent accommodation, which is a huge positive step.

“At YMCA Trinity Group we provide more than just a safe place to stay. The support we provide to young people is essential to help them take positive steps for their future,” said Amanda Pauling, Accommodation Director for YMCA Trinity Group.

“We are incredibly grateful to The Cambridge Building Society for the support it gives in funding this work. We know it makes a tremendous difference to the lives of young people.”