Presenting a healthy financial future

8 November 2021 • Community

Many people struggle to put a little something aside or understand the value of effectively managing their finances.

Which is why the homeless charity YMCA Trinity Group were delighted that Sarah Pollard, Customer Engagement Manager in our Newmarket branch, put together a pack to teach people about how to use their money wisely.

Sarah’s presentation was part of our Making The Difference community support programme, that enables our people to share their knowledge and skills with charities that need help.

She put together a Money Life Skills presentation for the YMCA to share with staff and residents to help them achieve financial security and freedom, reduce financial stress and avoid getting into debt.

“My day-to-day work shows the peace of mind that having a little nest egg can provide savers and the stress financial worries can cause if not managed correctly,” said Sarah, who has been at The Cambridge more than nine years.

“But I am used to helping customers, not creating education packs, so that was a challenge for me. It took me right out of my comfort zone, but I am very glad I did it. It is so rewarding to give something back to the community and I feel confident that I have made a difference by sharing my knowledge.”

Like all our team members, Sarah devotes many hours a year to helping the charities we support. Usually she helps with a local fundraising fun run, either by registering participants or counting donations, but now she can add presentation skills to her list of achievements and feel proud that she has helped prepare people for the range of financial decisions they will face.

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