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It’s often thought that you have to break the bank in order to save. This isn’t the case! Saving is personal to you and every little bit helps. Take a look at what you can afford and save where you can – it all adds up!

1. Swap jam jars

Cash ‘under the mattress’ misses out on interest payments – you could pay in to an easy access savings account and start building your money pot – open an account with £1.

2. Sometimes budget is better

We are all guilty of staying loyal to our local supermarket, but if you have the option, try getting your weekly shop at a budget supermarket and discover how much you can save. There are tools available online that allow you to compare top supermarket prices.

3. It’s never too early to save for Christmas

Start saving NOW and limit the extent of your January 2020 Blue Monday. Even a small amount saved each month will lighten the expense during the festive period and make your celebrations more affordable.

4. Buy less, means saving more

Only purchase what you need. Avoid the lure of a sales promotion, there’ll always be another offer coming up when you really need it. Here's some shopping secrets you might find useful.

5. Make use of your benefits

Many organisations offer purchase discounts as part of an employee benefits package, find out more and make good use of what’s available.

6. Free entertainment

Not everything costs money, do your research and find out which leisure activities are free of charge. Get some inspiration from our Savings Tips guide.

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