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Security Rules - tips for you and your money

Online security for your peace of mind

We want our members to feel comfortable and confident about accessing their savings accounts and mortgages online. Here's how you can stay safe online and the steps we've taken to keep you secure:


Keeping yourself secure

1) Passwords – make sure they are complex, e.g. a mixture of numbers, letters and special characters and use a different password and/or pin for each website.

2) Never share your personal banking information with others. 

3) Make sure you have an updated antivirus/antispyware software and firewall running.

4) Try not to use public places like libraries and unsecured public WIFI connections to log in to your account – you’ve no idea what security measures they have in place so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

5) When visiting websites whether it’s from an email you've been sent or by entering the web address into your browser, make sure you look for the padlock – the symbol will be in the status bar at the top of the screen and shows you’re on a secure site.

6) Stop and think how a company would normally contact you – does the way they’re addressing your letter or email sound normal?


Steps we’ve taken to keep you secure

Team members in branch, store and on the phone are trained to question any irregular activities or requests meaning they’re ideally placed to query activity they believe to be out of the norm. Online transactions are monitored and can be subject to additional checks before they are processed or access is granted.


Digital Security - Secure sites are encrypted

We’ve made sure that you’ll be logged out automatically if we don’t see you doing anything for a little while online. However, we do suggest that you always logout when you have finished using online services so you know you are securely logged off.

To further protect you, if an incorrect password, memorable word or passcode is entered three times into any service requiring verification details, we will lock the account until we are able to verify that the user is you either on the phone or in branch.

Security experts keep a constant watch on our website for any security problems, while we also work to ensure that all our online platforms, including the money app, benefit from the latest advances in security technology.

Top Tip: Log in to your account regularly – if anything doesn’t look as it should contact us straight away on 0345 601 3344.


Email and Phishing – Stay vigilant of fraudulent emails

If you receive an unexpected email always check the sender's address and don't open the email or click on any attachments or links until you are certain it's from The Cambridge. Ordinary email channels are not secure so you should never send us any confidential information such as passwords, PINs or passcodes via email.

Top Tip: We’ll never send you a link to a login page by email and 'Dear Sir / Madam' isn’t a phrase we would use when speaking with you regarding the detail of your accounts. If you’ve received an email you don't think is from us, but aren’t sure, just forward it on to us at


App Security – The Cambridge Money App

We have carefully tested and developed our money app to ensure your security. It is tested by independent experts to make sure that you, your details and your money are safe. Your security is further enhanced by the fact that no banking data is ever stored on your phone.

Your secure user ID is essential to your safe use of the app. This includes your password (which you set and which must contain a number of uppercase, lowercase and numerical characters) and your memorable question and answer. Once you have set up the app you are able to choose your own unique passcode and, if you are using an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad, you can use the Touch ID fingerprint or facial recognition facility.

Top Tip: To enhance the security of your app you should update it as soon as new versions become available. 


FSCS – Protecting your savings

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme is there to protect your accounts in the event a bank, building society or credit union goes out of business. Individuals with building society accounts protected by the scheme can be compensated for losses up to £85,000 per member. The scheme also covers other types of financial products and loss sustained in other types of situations.

All accounts provided by The Cambridge are covered under the FSCS, so you can be certain that, should the worst happen, your savings will be protected.

Top Tip: For more information about FSCS and how it will protect you take a look at our helpful guide.


You can rest assured that your financial security is our upmost priority, if you ever have any concerns about a communication you've received from us or about your account, get in touch with us immediately on 0345 601 3344. 

If you're looking to get online with your accounts, you can view our video guides on how to get set up and what you can do once you're online.

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