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Managing your account

Online Services

I’ve registered for the online service in the past but have forgotten my login details

Just call the team on 0345 601 3344 and we will verify your identity and reset your login details for you.

What is a secure message?

Secure messaging allows you to send us an instruction, e.g. request a new passbook for savers or reduce the amount you overpay each month for mortgage customers, instead of giving us a call or going to branch.

How secure are the online services and The Cambridge Money App?

Security is at the heart of all our online services, including the money app. Each item is tested by independent experts to make sure you, your details and your money are safe.

No banking data is stored on your phone.

How can I stay secure online and when using the money app?

There are lots of things you can do to keep safe online;

- make sure that you regularly update the app when new versions become available

- don’t share your login details with anyone

- always logout when you've finished with the money app or your online services

For more hints and tips on staying safe online take a look at our security page


The Cambridge Money App

Can I use The Cambridge Money App?

The money app is available to everyone who uses our online service for their mortgage or savings accounts or has e-Saver accounts.

Where can I download The Cambridge Money App from?

If you have an iPhone you can download it from the App Store

If you have an Android you can download it from Google Play

What do I search for on the App Store or on Google Play?

Search for ‘Cambridge Building Society’, 'The Cambridge Building Society' or 'The Cambridge Money App' and you’ll see The Cambridge logo. Tap on the app and press get or install.

What information do I need to log in to the app?

You’ll need to enter:

  1. Your User ID (the one you use to access your online service in a browser)
  2. Your password
  3. Three characters (from your memorable word)

You’ll then be asked to:

  • Set up a five digit passcode
  • Enable Touch or Face ID (optional and it is only available on iPhone)

I have a branch based savings account but haven’t registered to get online services

You’ll need to register and log in to our online portal before you’re able to use the money app, call us today on 0345 601 3344 to get set up and running.

What will I be able to do using The Cambridge Money App?

For our online and branch based savings accounts and our mortgage accounts you can: 

  • Check account balance
  • View Transactions
  • Change Personal Details
  • Send secure messages to The Cambridge
  • View mortgage statements generated by The Cambridge
  • Find your nearest branch
  • Find branch information 
  • Contact us
  • Personalise account names

Online savings accounts are also able to: 

  • Transfer money to external accounts
  • Transfer money to Cambridge accounts

Sort code changes

Why are you changing your sort code?

The UK government is separating private and business banking, you might have heard this referred to as ‘ring fencing’. To ensure our sort code it is not shared with any private banking customers it is changing.


If you would like to read more about the change take a look here.

What is your new sort code?

Our new sort code is: 20-17-55

How will the sort code changes affect me?

Any payments you make to The Cambridge will need to include our new sort code – whether you’re paying into your Savings Account or making a payment to your Mortgage Account.

Our new sort code is: 20-17-55.

The account number will remain the same, it is: 40338346

It’s also important to quote your Cambridge account number when making electronic payments to your account – there is a payment reference field for this.

When do I need to change my sort code by?

All payments made to The Cambridge will need to have the new sort code in place by 22nd January 2021.

Which payments do I need to change my sort code for?

You’ll need to change the sort code for any payments you are making using the following methods:

  • Standing order
  • Faster payment
  • Bank transfer

A payment like your monthly mortgage Direct Debit, which is where we collect the money from you, will not be affected by this – you don’t need to do anything, we’ll change the sort code the payment goes to.

What happens if I use the old sort code?

If you’ve made a payment using the old sort code – don’t panic. For a period of time – up until the 22nd January 2021 the payment will be automatically redirected to our new sort code. After this any payments made using our old sort code will be returned to the account they were made from.

I’ve noticed your sort code change automatically on a payment I made, why is that?

At the moment we’re automatically redirecting payments to our new sort code, there is no need to worry the payment will get to your account. However please make sure you change it before the deadline – 22nd January 2021. Our new sort code is: 20-17-55.

I have payments already set up to pay into my Cambridge Building Society accounts, do I need to change these?

Yes, all payments being made into your Cambridge account must have the sort code amended by 22nd January 2021. Our new sort code is: 20-17-55.

Payments you might need to think about are:

Your salary – do you get your salary paid into your savings account? You’ll need to inform your employer of the change.

Payments from The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) – if you have any payments made to your Cambridge accounts from the DWP you’ll need to inform them of the sort code change. Our new sort code is: 20-17-55.

You can contact the DWP on 0800 731 0469 for their pensions service; and, 0800 469 0310 for Jobseeker’s Allowance, income support, incapacity benefit or employment and support allowance.

Visit the governments DWP page for more information.  

Making payments

Why is including a payment reference important?

It’s important to include your 10 digit Cambridge account number in the payment reference field of any electronic payments made to your account whether that is for your Savings or Mortgage accounts. If this information isn’t quoted correctly, the funds will be returned to the sender.

Why am I being sent notifications for payments I've made?

We are required to provide a reference to customers making electronic payments, this is to allow tracking of the payment, should our customers need to. We are sending this reference to customers via email or text.

What is Confirmation of Payee?

Confirmation of Payee is a new tool designed to stop payment fraud. It will allow you to check the name of the person holding the account against the sort code and account number - this will alert you to a number of options:

  • Match – the name and account details match – proceed with making your payment
  • Close match – the name and account details don’t quite match – this could be because of a slight difference in the name, double check the name before making the payment
  • No match – the name and account details do not match, if this happens you may have typed the details incorrectly - or someone may have given you different details to try and steal your money
  • Unavailable – this is where it isn’t possible to check whether the details match or not. This is what you’ll see when making payments into your accounts with The Cambridge.

Does Confirmation of Payee affect my accounts with The Cambridge?

If you're transferring money from your Savings to your current account (nominated account) or to payees you've set up, you will not see any changes.

However, if you're transferring money into your Savings or Mortgage accounts you might be asked to confirm the payee when doing this. 

Why is The Cambridge not showing when I transfer money to my accounts?

Confirmation of Payee - a new tool to protect against fraud, is only available for accounts that have an individual account number and sort code. At The Cambridge we're don't offer banking services, so your savings account or mortgage account doesn't have it's own account number to transfer money in to.

Find out more about paying money into your accounts. 

I'm paying into my Savings or Mortgage account and have received a Confirmation of Payee message - what do I do?

When setting up a payment to The Cambridge you may see 'Unavailable' - but don't worry, this is because we're not part of the Confirmation of Payee initiative. Just double check you have entered the correct details which are listed below - and then proceed with your payment. 

  • Sort Code: 20-17-55
  • Account Number: 40338346
  • Reference: This is your 10 digit Cambridge Building Society account number. You must quote this as a reference to ensure the payment reaches the Account