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Looking to make a change?

Life changes. And your Cambridge mortgage can change with you

Changing your mortgage

The great thing about borrowing with us is that we're flexible, so if you want to make a change to your mortgage just ask and we'll be happy to help.

Switching your mortgage

You may decide you want to take advantage of one of our different mortgage offers. And depending on the mortgage you have now, we can help you switch. If you wish to switch products and you are still within a fixed, discounted or tracker period you may have to pay any Early Repayment Charge which applies to your existing product. Our Mortgage Advisers will be happy to talk it through with you and confirm any associated fees and charges.

Product switches take place on the first day of the month so we’ll need to have everything in place to make the switch by the 10th of the month before.

Coming to the end of a deal

At the end of your fixed, discounted or tracker deal your mortgage payment will change. But don't worry, we will contact you prior to your deal coming to an end to advise you of the options available to you.

Deals exclusively for you

We have a range of mortgages that are exclusive to existing borrowers and, as a loyal member, you’ll also find products where there are no application or completion fees to pay. Your new mortgage deal will start on the first day of the month so we'll need to make sure that we have everything in place to arrange the product switch by the 10th of the month before. Your Mortgage Adviser will be happy to provide all the information you need and talk you through your options.

If you choose not to move onto a new mortgage deal, your mortgage will transfer to a Residential or Buy to Let Variable Rate.

Residential mortgages
Your mortgage will transfer to the Cambridge Variable Mortgage. You will then pay our Standard Variable Rate and we'll recalculate your payment for you.

Buy to Let mortgages
Your mortgage will transfer to the Buy to Let Variable Rate Mortgage. You will then pay our Buy to Let Variable Rate and we'll recalculate your payment for you.

Selling your property

Of course, you can sell your property at any time, as long as you repay your loan when, or before, the sale is completed. There may be early repayment charges during the early years of your loan. 

Let us help
Whatever the reason for wanting to change your mortgage, your Mortgage Adviser will be happy to discuss your individual requirements and help find the right product for you.

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