We’re updating the account name on some of our existing savings accounts

29 June 2022 • Products & Services

We’re updating the account name on some of our savings accounts, please see summary below.

Next time you login to your account online or when you pop into Store to update your passbook you may notice additional transaction lines, this will include a transfer of funds (showing as a debit and credit on your account) and a ‘product switch’. This is due to the account name being changed. No funds have been debited or credited from your account.

Any interest that has been accrued since last being paid will also be added to the account at this point.

No further action has taken place on your account.

 Old Account Name 


 New Account Name  


 Sapphire Account 




 Deposit Sapphire Account
 Deposit Sapphire Account Gross
 Sapphire Account Charity (Discontinued) 



 Sapphire Deposit 




 Hallmark Monthly Interest Account 


 Hallmark Monthly Interest 


 Deposit Hallmark Account 


 Hallmark Deposit 


 Hallmark Gross Nr (Discontinued) 


 Hallmark Deposit 


 Deposit Hallmark Account (Gross) 


 Hallmark Deposit 


 Community Account 
 Community Account Club 
 Deposit Community Account Gross 
 Community Account Charity 
 Community Account Society 








 Hallmark Account 




Please be reassured this does not impact your interest rate(s) or terms and conditions in any way.

If you have any questions, please contact the team on 0345 601 3344.