Volunteering is a blank canvas for learning something new

18 October 2021 • Community

When YMCA Trinity Group received a donation of pallets, they knew they could rely on the team of budding DIYers from The Cambridge to create something useful for their residents.

Once our team of volunteers had turned the pallets into safe and comfortable garden furniture, others grabbed some brushes and set to work painting them.

Gemma Stevenson-Ball was one of them. Gemma is Team Leader at our Bar Hill and Cambourne branches and has been with the Society for more than 10 years.

“I had never picked up a paint brush in my life,” said Gemma. “Decorating is something I always leave to my dad, so I thought it would be nice to give something different a go.

“That’s one of the really good things about our volunteer opportunities – we’re really encouraged to go out of our comfort zone and do something we wouldn’t ordinarily do.

“I can’t say that painting has become my new vocation, but it did give me a great sense of achievement, as well as knowing that I have contributed to something that improves someone else’s life,” she said.

“The YMCA were really encouraging and said we did a great job. It was lovely to be out in the fresh air, knowing I was doing something worthwhile to help a charity and make a difference to someone’s life.”

YMCA’s Accommodation Director, Amanda Pauling, said: “The team from The Cambridge gave up a significant amount of time to help us with this project, which we really appreciate.

“We love what we do to help our residents, so it’s lovely to hear that your people get so much out of it too. Helping others creates such a good feeling and helps bring teams together.”

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