Virtual Sleep Easy event raises £15,000 for YMCA Trinity Group

1 April 2021 • Community

Team members from The Cambridge Building Society recently took part in YMCA Trinity Group’s virtual Cambridge Sleep Easy event. 

An annual fundraiser in the YMCA calendar since 2010, Sleep Easy offers participants the opportunity to experience the challenges that people who are homeless have to endure every night.

In November 2020, The Cambridge announced it had forged a long term community partnership with YMCA Trinity Group established under the Society’s ‘Making The Difference’ programme. The aim is to collaborate with charities that share a deep commitment to the community, with a focus on helping people with their homes and housing needs.

This year, funds raised from the virtual event will directly help vulnerable young people in Cambridge back to work through the YMCA Trinity Groups’ Access to Employment Service. In years gone by, entrants have been invited to Sleep Easy in a shared location. However, volunteers were encouraged to find their own outdoor space such as a garden, or an uncomfortable spot in their homes like the bathroom or kitchen floor.     

The Cambridge team members managed to raise £583 on the night of the sleep out, contributing to an impressive fundraising total of £15,000!

Chief Executive Officer, Peter Burrows took part and comments, “At The Cambridge we’re keen to contribute to the incredible hard work of YMCA Trinity Group, and make a difference to life-changing projects that support vulnerable young people with their shelter and housing needs. We’re always looking for new ways of doing things, and experiencing what it must be like to sleep out as a homeless member of our community, even just for one night, really put into perspective the importance of our long term partnership”.  

Tracy Simpson, Head of Lending, also took part in the fundraising slumber, added, “Working within the Mortgage Team at The Cambridge means I’ve been able to help more people own their own homes and turn their homeownership dreams into a reality. However, the increasing number of people sleeping rough in our city doesn’t go unnoticed. There can be a variety of reasons that a person finds themselves homeless and ultimately vulnerable. Sleep Easy is a great way of supporting the hard work of YMCA Trinity Group, whilst raising awareness and much needed funds to a vitally important cause”.

If you’d like to support YMCA Trinity Group, donations can be made by clicking here.