Victoria Filler talks about The Cambridge's journey to becoming a Living Wage Employer

17 November 2020 • Corporate

Victoria Filler, Head of People at The Cambridge talks about their journey to becoming a Living Wage Employer and the difference it's made to the team members at the Society. 


What does it mean to be a real Living Wage Employer?

Pride!  Quite simply we are proud to be part of the Living Wage Foundation, paying over and above the National Living Wage of £8.72 for those 25 or over. At the Cambridge we will be paying a minimum of £9.50, regardless of age in line with the Living Wage rates.  

We are proud today more so than ever. The pandemic has continued to challenge us, but throughout this year our team members have continued to support our customers on a daily basis.  Being part of the Living Wage Foundation and paying the Living Wage is the least we can do for our team members at The Cambridge.


Why is being accredited to the Living Wage Foundation so important to The Cambridge?

The Cambridge became accredited to the Foundation in 2019 but we started paying the Living Wage rates well before this. Paying our people fairly isn’t something that’s new to us.

Living and working in Cambridge has unique pressures. House prices in the city are one of the highest in the UK, alongside the cost of living. It’s important that we don’t add financial pressure to those working for us and living in and around Cambridge. Being a part of the Foundation ensures that we are not just paying the Government minimum to our team members, but we are going above and beyond to meet the cost of living.


What are the Society’s ambitions for the future?

We have an aspiration to pay more than the Living Wage hourly rate. As mentioned, Cambridge has unique pressures, similar to Oxford where they have their own Living Wage rate which is between London’s rate and the rest of the UK. 

It would be a fantastic ambition for local businesses to work with the Living Wage Foundation on a rate which is specific and relevant for our city. As a Society we recognise the challenges the people of our community are facing, and working with the Living Wage Foundation is just one more way that businesses can come together to continue to support the people of our community. 


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