Time to help others learn something new

25 October 2021 • Community

It is often said that time is the most valuable commodity, so it stands to reason that giving our time can pay dividends, especially when it is used to share useful skills.

Sending team members on training courses is both costly and time consuming, so when we realised some of the charities we support had volunteers and staff who could benefit from some of the skills we often take for granted, we saw an opportunity to help.

Ebony Smithson is a Compliance Monitoring Officer in our Risk and Compliance team. She identified an opportunity to share the latest best practice on ‘Paperless Office’, following on from the implementation of a new digital printing platform in our own offices.

We offered the learning to YMCA Trinity Group, one of the charities we support in our Making The Difference programme, who jumped at the opportunity.

Ebony’s presentation was all about the benefits of going digital and how to do it in the most efficient way.

“Printing costs can often make up a significant proportion of an organisation’s resources, not to mention the damage it does to the environment, so going digital makes a lot of business sense,” said Ebony.

“I hadn’t done much presenting before and this was really out of my comfort zone, but as well as giving something back to the community, it was also a great career development opportunity for me.”

Training courses can cost hundreds, and sometimes thousands of pounds, and are not always tailored to the needs of particular organisations or individual staff members.

Gemma Cockbill (Mortgage Administration Manager) and Maria Glover (Customer Experience Officer) helped implement our paperless office project.

“Gemma and Maria developed a presentation to share the details, the challenges and issues, with advice, which were still relevant to the staff at YMCA,” said Ebony.

“I delivered the presentation online, and was delighted by how well it was received. The attendees were very engaged and asked loads of questions, which was very rewarding. I enjoyed the interaction and was really glad to be able to help.”

YMCA Trinity Group’s CEO, Jonathan Martin, was also pleased with our skills sharing.

He told us: “By supplying your skills, The Cambridge has really helped our staff and our residents.

“Your genuine enthusiasm and excitement to help us work towards a sustainable future is something we can all be really proud of.”

We’ve also delivered skills-based learning on CV writing, how to manage personal finance, time management and more.

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