The Cambridge races home with gold award

21 July 2021 • Community • Products & Services • Corporate

Our Making The Difference charity programme won the Gold Award in the Inspiring CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) category in this year’s Inspiring Workplaces Awards.

We were called out and lauded for our ‘fascinating programme’ at a virtual awards ceremony on Wednesday evening (14th July 2021).

We run a number of charitable projects that help local communities achieve their homes and housing needs in and around the city.

“We only have to see how quickly our people step forward to give back to our local communities in the many and various activities in our programme,” said Carole Charter.

“Their enthusiasm to help inspires us as a team, helps local people who might otherwise find it difficult to access a home or shelter, and it has impressed a panel of judges to recognise the significant impact our efforts make. We are justifiably proud of our efforts and of achieving this award.”

We actively encourage our people to help local communities by donating their time to charities working to alleviate homelessness, as well as implementing funding schemes that help those who can’t afford to buy, and by working with community partners to improve access to shelter and housing.

Our cause is toactively find ways to help people have a home by supporting people who couldn’t buy without our help and working with groups in our community who offer services for shelter and housing’.

Matt Manners, CEO and Founder of Inspiring Workplaces Group, said: “Congratulations to all our winners. We hope they serve as both an inspiration and insightful to those seeking to continue to deliver excellent people experiences during the toughest circumstances.”

These awards covered Europe, Middle East and Africa. Other gold winners were NatWest Group, the Co-op, Santander and the Dorchester.