The Cambridge hosts another First Time Buyer event

19 September 2018 • Products & Services

The Cambridge Building Society strengthens its support for potential customers looking to own their own home, by hosting another informal evening event for First Time Buyers early next month.

The event is designed to talk First Time Buyers through the entire home buying process in a simple, straightforward way, with mortgage advisers on hand throughout the evening to answer any questions and for one-to-one chats about buying a first home.

Tracy Simpson, Head of Lending at The Cambridge Building Society, said: “Buying your first home is an exciting opportunity and it’s a great feeling to finally have a home you can put your own stamp on but getting there can sometimes seem daunting.

“We created this event to try and relieve some of the stress associated with buying your first home and we’re inviting people - whether they’re members of the Cambridge already or not - to join us for an informal evening to learn about affordable home ownership schemes and how to get that first step on the property ladder”.

The event, which is free of charge, will be held on Tuesday 2nd October, from 6:00pm until 7.45pm at The Cambridge Brew House on King Street. 

The Cambridge Building Society’s Mortgage Advisers Karen Andrews and Andrew Fowler will take prospective home owners through each step: from where to start, through to making an offer and applying for a mortgage. After a short introduction, they’ll also be available to answer any questions and to pass on some of their top tips.  

If you’d like to attend the event registration is easy - just visit