The Cambridge confirmed as the first lender to support SmartrSurvey

26 November 2019 • Products & Services • Corporate

Legal & General Surveying Services have launched SmartrSurvey, a first of its kind digital survey platform with The Cambridge confirmed as the first lender to formally use the innovative system with its borrowers. 

SmartrSurvey delivers a digital survey report to help borrowers gain a full picture of the condition of the property, aiding them during the decision making process when buying their home. The portal itself will provide customers with a full and thorough, easy to understand report along with documentation and photographic evidence allowing them to act upon any defects found in the process.

With a complete customer centric approach, SmartrSurvey is a natural fit for The Cambridge. As the Society continues to pursue its aspiration to be a Society that combines both digital advancements with face to face expertise, this forward-thinking initiative supports The Cambridge’s ability to provide their borrowers with digital solutions for the most efficient buying journey.

Tracy Simpson, Head of Lending at The Cambridge comments on the survey, “We are delighted to be the first lender to support this innovative solution from Legal & General Surveying Services.  At The Cambridge we’re always keen to introduce new initiatives to the property buying process to benefit our customers.”

Richard Fisk, Operations Director at Legal & General Surveying Services says, “In an ever changing world where property valuations for mortgage lending are becoming more automated, it is imperative that customers who are buying properties are fully informed. Having a survey provides the vital information they need to buy with confidence and helps avoid unexpected household maintenance bills.”