The Cambridge Building Society launches new improved website

22 November 2017 • Corporate

The Cambridge Building Society today launch their new website. 

This site has been developed following conversations and research with established customers as well as talking to potential new customers and their expectations of service from financial websites. 

This website differs from many other financial services sites in that The Cambridge has made a deliberate decision to use natural, jargon free friendly language and form filling so the content is easily understood and accessible. 

Crucially The Cambridge has also ensured this new format and subsequent customer experience works seamlessly on mobile screens as their research shows 36% of customers view their website on mobile devices.  This digital trend works in partnership with the recent iOS and Android app launch which has been warmly received and adopted.

Digital customers now expect to find information quickly on websites and The Cambridge has had to ensure this site matches these expectations.  Customers will now find it easier and quicker to get the financial information they require to make an informed choice.

All through the website The Cambridge poses straight forward questions to ensure the customer quickly lands onto the right product or information they are looking for.  The process is very simple and ensures every potential customer is well informed either prior to a conversation with a Mortgage Adviser or savings expert in branch or indeed if they decide to commit to an online application.

Andy Lucas Chief Operating Officer for The Cambridge comments that:

“The overriding aim of this investment is to help customers get to the information they need quickly. Our website is our online shop window and we are committed to increasing our profile digitally so that customers have a greater choice as to how they engage with us.  It is so important that a customer speaks to us at a time and indeed in a setting that suits them.  It’s a natural step  to ensure digitally we are able to offer the same high service standards digitally that we continue to provide day in day out in branches and via our contact centre.”

Katy Bignell, Marketing Communications Manager who has led the team developing the new website adds that:

“We understand that customers wish and need to interact with The Cambridge in different ways and at different times.  Also that they now have high expectations regarding accessing information in a fast simple way.  So we have to be sure we are meeting this consistently.”

“Embracing technology and harnessing the potential of online systems is therefore essential for us.  We are dedicated to looking at every digital touchpoint to see how we can work with technology to ensure great outcomes for our customers each time.”