Making The Difference for Will

16 June 2021 • Community • Products & Services

For many aspiring first-time buyers, the financial demands of renting a home can make it impossible to save for a deposit. That’s why Rent To Home exists. It allows someone to rent a home from The Cambridge, and we’ll return 70% to use as a deposit when they’re ready to buy.

Will Vandepeer won our 2020 Rent To Home ballot. And he was happy to share his experiences from the comfort of his new home...

After finishing University and spending two years living with my parents, I was resigned to the fact that renting would be my only option if I wanted to reclaim a bit of freedom and space. I love Mum and Dad… but I think two years felt like enough – for them and for me!

It was while I was looking for rental properties that I discovered Rent To Home. More as a happy accident to be honest with you. The property available through The Cambridge was actually nicer than anything else I’d seen while looking for rental options, so I applied for the ballot and crossed my fingers.

I’m the sort of person that just does not win things. Ever. So when I was successful I really couldn’t believe it. I now find myself in this really fortunate win-win situation, where I won’t be saying goodbye to my monthly rent – and 70% of it will be returned to help me afford a deposit on my own house within the next few years.

I do feel pretty lucky. Mum and Dad got their very first mortgage with The Cambridge, so this seems to be something that runs in the family. I’ve now got my own mortgage advisor, and I’ve opened a savings account with The Cambridge too. From the very start everyone has been really nice – and they’ve made everything feel really simple too. Special thanks to Katie who sorted things so I could move in time for my 25th birthday!

To anyone that’s thinking of applying for Rent To Home in the future, all I can say is that it’s just a win-win for you. It might seem too good to be true, but there honestly isn’t a downside – it’s the perfect leg-up that can help you own your home in the future.