Charles becomes an expert donor

22 November 2021 • Community

If you knew someone with a wealth of experience in customer and digital data, and they offered you free advice, you’d follow it right?

That’s exactly what Arthur Rank Hospice Charity did, when our Head of Customer Strategy, Charles Burrows helped them look at their donation processes.

ARHC were concerned that their website wasn’t reaching as many potential donors as it might, but they didn’t know how to confirm that suspicion.

That’s where Charles made his own donation – giving hours of expertise and knowledge garnered over years as a customer experience expert to set up a robust data analytics project.

“I worked with the ARHC team to look into a couple of key questions, set up some goals, capture some data on customer behaviour and help them understand how to use that data as a tool to get things done,” said Charles.

Among the things he was looking for was where ARHC’s target audience were accessing the organisation’s website from and where they were clicking once they were on it.

“When we analysed that data, it became clear the extent to which the website was not optimised for certain operating systems, and how many users that prevented from being able to donate.”

As charities rely on donations it stands to reason that they want to make it as easy as possible for people to give.

What Charles uncovered helped the charity make a robust business case for amendments to its website to optimise it for additional operating systems and browsers.

And that discovery highlighted the potential to double the donations it receives online.

“I helped them understand what data to collect and how to analyse it, which helped them forecast what they were potentially missing out on,” said Charles.

“It’s what I had been doing day in, day out for nearly ten years of an 18-year career, so I knew that I could make a difference.”

This is just one of The Cambridge’s many volunteering initiatives in our Making The Difference community programme to helps local charities.

And a great example of how valuable skills sharing can be. We do plenty of painting, cake baking and tin rattling too, but we’re delighted to know that offering to share some of our little grey cells can reap such far-reaching rewards for all concerned.