About Rent to Home

Making The Difference means refunding up to 70% of your rent to fund your home deposit.

Rent to Home isn’t just a kind idea. It’s a one of a kind idea.

By renting a home from The Cambridge, we’ll keep your money safe and give back 70% of it to use as a deposit when you’re ready to buy.

Rent to Home has been designed to help first time buyers who can afford to rent, but are unable to save a deposit to purchase a home.

A successful applicant will be able to rent a newly refurbished property from us for a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years. During this time, if they’re ready to purchase their own home, 70% of the rent they've paid will be returned to help towards the deposit.

The return of 70% relies on the applicant taking a mortgage with The Cambridge.


Applications for Rent to Home are now closed. However, you can read more about the initiative and find the terms here

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