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Practical support for members that feel vulnerable or unsafe.

The Cambridge has been a member-owned mutual for more than 170 years. And we’ve always believed in being more than a building society, which means doing more for our members when they don’t know where to turn.

The  Coronavirus pandemic has created a world of new challenges for us all to overcome. And it’s not just the challenges we face today. We’re likely to be living with the repercussions for some time.
And while there are limits to the support we can provide, it’s simply not in our nature to sit back while people need help.
So if you find yourself feeling concerned or vulnerable in your physical, financial or emotional health, please get in touch. We’ll be here for you, with a personal approach, practical support and complete confidentiality. You can talk to us in branch, on the phone, over email, on live chat or through our app.
The most important thing is that you talk to us. Because you’re not alone, and we can make a difference. Here are some of the ways we’re already helping our customers.

Older customers

We know that being older doesn’t necessarily mean being more vulnerable. But when it comes to Coronavirus, the statistics show that over-70s can be more susceptible and suffer more serious health consequences than younger age groups.
That naturally means that many people are concerned about leaving their homes. Which can be even more distressing if you don’t know how to access your savings or manage your account without visiting a branch.
There are lots of ways we can help. If you’re technically savvy, our online services and mobile app allow you to manage your account from the safety and reassurance of your own home. If you'd like to see more about the different ways to manage your Cambridge accounts online take a look at our video guides
And if you’re not comfortable with managing your account online or on your smartphone, our Customer Contact Centre offers a simple alternative -  just call 0345 601 3344 for support. We’ll be here to help you manage your accounts from the safety of your own home.
There’s also the option to give a trusted friend or family member the authority to visit a branch on your behalf.

Domestic abuse

The current strain on peoples’ finances, emotions and relationships have contributed to a worrying increase in domestic abuse – both physical, verbal and emotional. But domestic abuse is never acceptable - and you should never need to suffer alone.
With ongoing lockdown and social distancing measures, we understand it can be difficult to turn to family, friends or colleagues. But you can turn to us.
Regardless of your age, gender, orientation or ethnicity, you can report domestic abuse to The Cambridge in any way that feels safe – whether it’s in person, on the phone, over email or through our app or live chat.
You can visit any of our branches and stores for a safe and private space to call the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 200 0247. The National Domestic Violence Helpline is free and open 24 hours a day.

Financial difficulties

This pandemic is unprecedented. And although many people find it difficult to ask for help, the impact of Coronavirus means countless individuals and families have found themselves in unexpected financial hardship.

Please rest assured. No-one could foresee this crisis. No-one could plan for the consequences. And no-one should feel ashamed in asking for financial support whilst their world recovers.

Whether you’re unable to work, have seen a reduction in your salary, or you’ve been made redundant, it’s understandable that you might be worried about making mortgage repayments. There are ways we can help - from re-structuring your payments to arranging a Mortgage Payment Deferral.

To request an extension to your Mortgage Payment Deferral because your income will continue to be affected by Coronavirus simply complete our 'Need Help?' form at the bottom of this page.  

Physical disabilities

With limited transport options and reduced branch opening times, we know this can be a worrying time for people who are less mobile or living with a physical disability.
We’re absolutely determined to ensure every single customer enjoys the same flexibility and choice when it comes to accessing their savings accounts. So it’s reassuring to know that everything can be done remotely or digitally.
If you’re technically savvy, our online services and mobile app allow you to manage your account from the safety and reassurance of your own home. And if you’re not comfortable with managing your account online or via your smartphone, you can call our Customer Contact Centre on 0345 601 3344. We’ll be here to help – with a personal approach and practical support.
If you’d prefer to visit us in store or branch, all of our locations (with the exception of our Cottenham branch) offer access for those with disabilities or a Wheelchair. Visit our Contact Us page for our branch and store opening times.

Financial crime

Whilst the current crisis has brought many of us closer together – even in isolation - it’s a sad fact that there are still people who are trying to profit personally through illegal and fraudulent scams.
Keeping you, your accounts and your personal information safe has always been our number one priority. So with financial fraud on the rise, it’s never been more important to remain vigilant, and if you ever feel suspicious for any reason - please remember to trust your instincts and let us know about any concerns.
The national ‘Take Five’ campaign offers helpful advice to make you think twice and to protect you against financial fraud. The guidance suggests you always take some time to stop and think before you part with your private information. Always question if the request might be fake. And always stay calm and remain composed.
Perhaps most importantly, please remember to contact us straight away if you ever feel that you might have fallen for a scam - it can happen to anyone, and we’ll be here to help you.

We’ll be here

If you’re feeling vulnerable or unsafe, we’ll be here to help – with a personal approach and practical support. Please call us on 0345 601 3344.
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